I began my artistic career as a photographer, and can remember a camera in my hands even as a child. I’m inspired by classical beauty, especially what I see in nature and architecture. The forms, the lines, the colors, the textures… all the elements of composition coming together draw me into a scene initially. When I began to pursue photography more seriously, these more traditional photos made up the bulk of my work. But it was the “playing” with photos I did in my downtime that I really found interesting. I didn’t imagine anyone else would get into the new look I was experimenting with, and even kept it to myself for the better part of two years. When I did begin to share these new pieces, I was astonished at the response.

Part traditional photography and part digital manipulation, each piece is completely unique and tells its own story. Even from piece to piece, the creative process is never quite the same twice. Sometimes I see something I know I want to work with in the viewfinder, and sometimes it’s not until months later that I stumble back upon a photo and something in it speaks to me. The creative process, for me, is like a conversation with each piece, with all kinds of opportunities to change and tweak and change again. I love the transformation of one thing into something totally different, turning a photograph into a brand new, completely original, abstract piece of art. Sharing these pieces with others who enjoy them is the icing on the cake.